Asian American Inter Community Service, Inc. (AICS), is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to the well-being of the community, through advocacy and service to eliminate disparities and promote equity in health care in the greater Washington DC region. Communities of different ethnic origins do have barriers to access to health care and health education due to being either linguistically challenged, economic status, education level, mental health or by the geographical region of their residence. These are typically our target and the hard to reach population.

Our Mission

The Melting Point

America is a country of immigrants and considered to be a land of opportunities for all. It has been a preferred country for Immigrants…Read More


From time to time government and private organizations have carried out surveys to establish the proportion of immigrants in a state… Read More


Research and surveys have established that other than the language barrier the susceptibility to certain illnesses are linked to geographical… Read More


A major cause of disparity in certain ethnic groups is “silence” which is often overlooked or not understood and the end symptoms are considered to be the main issue. A chain of events may lead to a health issue as the end symptom… Read More


How do we establish equity? At the Federal, State and Local government levels funds have been available to work on such issues. Many Foundations and Charities have made funds available. Community, Ethnic and Faith based… Read More

Our Goals

AICS has set it’s goals to fulfill the necessities in the under served population of the community. Our goal is to partner with the County, State and Federal government organs and Foundations, Charities or other like-minded organizations like Community Based and Faith Based Organizations to help address the barriers and hindered access to services and benefits.
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