Our Asian American Partners


  • Federal:

       Recently approved for a Federal Grant through CDC

  • Montgomery County:

       Since 2004 Montgomery County's Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI) has been a major partner with AICS. AICS is a member of the Steering  

       Committee of AAHI along with representatives of several other Asian, Pacific Islanders and Middle Eastern communities. The AICS representative

       has twice been the Chairman of the AAHI Steering Committee


  • AICS is a participant in several State sponsored programs

  • Faith Based Organizations - AICS Partners:

        Guru Nanak Foundation of Silver Spring, MD,

        MCC - Muslim Institute of Silver Spring,

        BAPS - Swami Narayan Temple of Beltsville, MD

        Siva Vishnu Temple, Lanham, MD

        Mangal Mandir, Olney. MD

        Phillipino Church, Silver Spring, MD

        and others

  • Community Based Organization:

       AICS partners with the National Council of Asian Indian Associatons (NCAIA).The last one was the Fall Health Fair of 2013and ACA Enrollments

  • Senior Citizen's Association at Siva Vishnu Temple:

        AICS representatives periodically do presentations on Senior Citizen's Affairs, Nutrition etc.

  • Foundations:

       AICS has partnered with the Asian Heritage Foundation

  • Holy Cross Hospital of Silver Spring:

       AICS works jointly with Holy cross Hospital in Community Health education under a contract. Volunteers have received valuable training in Cancer prevention, Heart Health outreach by Holy Cross staff

  • Adventist Hospital has actively participated in many of AICS events

  • Joint Programs:

       Recently joined hands with KCSC - Korean Community and Service Center. www,kcsc.org

  • Coalition:

       AICS is a part of a coalition with other organizations in Maryland, Northern Virginia and DC in soliciting Federal Grants for Health Care and Health      

       Education purposes with the goal of disease prevention

  • Cultural Partnership:
  • AICS sponsors cultural programs for fund raising for health care purpose. The last one was in partnership with Indian Performing Arts Center headed by Pratap K Das and is specialized in Odissi dance

AICS Partnerships& Coalition